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  • Are you new to the game or not familiar with the Diablo 2 Items? Are you looking for more info about the game’s items or want to know how to get them? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

    In Diablo 2, there is a wide variety of items that are often separated depending on their rarity. For instance, there are normal items, exceptional items, magic items, unique items and set items.

    However, after you reach the final difficulty of the game, you will be most interested in set items and unique items as they are harder to find and offer more powerful bonuses.

  • Diablo 2 Runes

    Runes look like small magical stones and you can place them into a Socketed Item to enchant it with powerful bonuses. Runes are useful for creating some Crafted Items too.
    Moreover, runes are very popular because if you insert some specific Rune combinations (known as Runewords) into some specific items in the right order, these items will provide much more powerful bonuses.

  • Diablo 2 Ladder Items

    Also, some types of items are available only in Diablo 2 Ladder mode. These are known as Diablo 2 Ladder items. Some items and runewords won't drop or cannot be socketed in non-ladder. As a result, you can create the Runewords only in this mode. Some Rune combinations require some very rare Runes that sometimes you can’t get them as loot from monsters, but you have to use other rare Runes in order to craft them.
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  • Diablo 2 Charms

    Charms are items that provide their bonuses just by keeping them in your inventory. Note that they don’t grant their stats if you keep them in your Horadric Cube or inside your stash.
    There are only unique and magic Charms and you can find them in 3 sizes:
    • Grand Large Charms
    • Large Charms
    • Small Charms

    The small Charms have the advantage of using less inventory space. However, some magical properties are only available on the larger Charms.
    In order to have some free space in your inventory, you can carry only the most powerful Charms and store some resistances and life charms in your stash for when you have to face difficult Bosses.

  • Diablo 2 Unique items

    The unique items, especially the most popular and powerful ones are the most difficult to find in-game. They provide much stronger bonuses than the regular items and some of them are crucial for end-game and can skyrocket the potential of most builds.
    You may find this type of items with a Ladder Character (Single Player, TCP/IP, and Open Characters). Therefore, it isn’t possible to find them using a Normal Realm Character.
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  • Diablo 2 Jewels

    Jewels can provide up to 4 random magic properties. They differ from gems and Runes because each Jewel grants random abilities and not predetermined bonuses.
    Among their best effects are the Magical and Physical Increased Damage, Resistances and Increased Attack Speed. You can get many other bonuses from a Jewel, but they are often worse than the same bonuses from runes and gems.
    Also, Jewels do not change their properties regardless of what item you insert them in. Thus, they are a popular choice for players that want to gain some powerful item customizers.
    Through your journey, you can find rare, magic and unique Jewels. There are 8 different kinds of Diablo 2 Unique Jewels but they all have the same name (Rainbow Facet).
    Some Horadric Cube recipes require a Jewel, so they can be useful even if you don’t plan to socket them into an item.

  • Magic Items

    Their names appear in blue letters and they can have 1 or 2 magical properties attached to the basic version of the item.

  • Rare Items

    These are less common in comparison to magic items, therefore they are more powerful. A rare item appears in yellow letters and can have 2 to 6 magic bonuses.

  • Crafted Items

    Crafted Items appear in orange letters and you can only create them using the right ingredients in the Horadric Cube. These kind of items have fixed properties and also random Magic attributes.

  • Set Items

    You can recognize set items by their names that appear in green letters. Set Items have unique names and provide some magic abilities. When you equip your character with all the items of a set, you will gain additional magic bonuses.

  • Unique Items

    Unique Items are the most difficult to find in the game and have unique names as well. Their names appear in gold letters and they offer some unique powerful attributes.

  • Socketed Items

    You can recognize Socketed items in-game as their names appear in grey letters. It’s possible to find them in Superior or Normal Quality. After you have completed the Act5’s 1st Quest, you can socket any item you want, as long as it allows sockets. Further, there is a Horadric Cube Recipe that converts items to Socketed items.

    When you want to place a gem in a Socketed item, you may left-click the gem and then left-click the item you want to socket. This way, you are able to customize your pieces of armor and weapons with magical properties and improved stats.

    The only types of items that you can socket are Body Armors, Shields, Helmets and Weapons (throwing weapons cannot be socketed though). As you advance through difficulties, you will find items with more sockets. The maximum number of sockets that an item can have is 4 for Armor and 6 for a Weapon. Also, the rarity of items affects the number of sockets:

    Set and Unique Items: 1 socket. However, there are some unique and set items that allow for one more socket as a magic ability.
    Rare Items: up to 2 sockets
    Magic Items: up to 4 sockets

    There are three different kinds of items that you can use for socketing an item. These are Gems, Jewels, and Runes.

  • Diablo 2 Gems

    If you place a gem into a Socketed Item, it will be granted with powerful magical properties, depending on the grade and the type of the gem. There are 7 different types of Gems:
    • Skulls
    • Amethyst
    • Sapphire
    • Ruby
    • Topaz
    • Diamond
    • Emerald

    Each type of gem provides different bonuses depending on whether you insert them in a weapon, a shield or a helm/armor.
    In addition, there are 5 different grades of gems:
    • Chipped gems
    • Flawed gems
    • Standard gems
    • Flawless gems
    • Perfect gems

    The gems’ higher grades will grant stronger effects than the lower grades. Note that once you insert the gem into an item, you can unsocket it with a Hel rune and TP scroll in the Cube.

  • Upgrading Gems

    In order to upgrade a gem to a higher grade, you have to touch a gem shrine or use the Horadric Cube. If you combine 3 gems of the same type and grade you can transmute them into a gem of a higher grade.

  • Trading

    In Diablo II, you can trade securely by left-clicking another player while in town.
    The trade is done only after both players have pressed the Accept button. A player may cancel the trade anytime.
    Warning: You should make sure the other player does not change the item you want with another item that has the same appearance but is lesser quality.

  • Realm Trading

    Trading is actually a great way to find some items for your character that you’re struggling to find on your own. Some specific items can be really difficult (due to low chance) to loot from monsters. Therefore, Realm trading is very popular as it often is much easier and faster.
    There are many different ways to trade:
    Trade in your current game: You can ask the other players in your current game if they have any items to trade or if they own an item that you're searching for.
    Use Trading games: Join or create a game with “Trade” in the title. In the case you're searching for something more specific, you can join or create a game with the specific trade as the game title.
    Use Trading Forums and Message Boards: You can post the items you wish to trade on several message boards and trading forums.
    Use Auction Sites: There are also some fan sites that host Auctions for Diablo 2 Items.