About D2king

  • About Us

    BreakingMad and R3dStapler founded D2King to be your favorite Diablo 2 LOD item store on the web. Scammers beware, our prices for legitimate items just made your life much harder: Our items, from rarest of the rare to chipped gem are all permanent and player found.

  • BreakingMad played D2 enough to start trading items thru chat, it grew and grew until he had to reach out to R3dStapler for help.

  • R3dStapler had experience building web stores and a background in ARPGs, also he had helped BreakingMad down Baal a few times. R3dStapler got to work, putting together a “Mule Helper”, polishing out the website, and finishing our store.

  • BreakingMad still farms for items for D2King during his evenings, and can be seen from time to time in our offices, drinking coffee, waiting to ambush developers with presentations about rune drop rates.

  • Our Goals

    Customer service is our watchword, we’ll respond quickly if you have a problem and get it fixed fast. Our representatives are ready to help whenever you need it, just ask and we’ll get it solved!

  • D2King is always striving to be the best Diablo 2 item marketplace, one transaction at a time: We continue to maintain the most reliable delivery and secure transactions on the marketplace.

  • Our team of farmers will keep our store stocked to the brim: To keep our prices low and keep your characters kitted out.

  • Our Promise

    D2King will get your character geared to crush the end game, in either ladder or non-ladder. Our items are, and always will be, permanent and player found. We will deliver our items almost instantly to keep your confidence in that we’re the best Diablo 2 item store on the Internet.