• Are your items legit?

    Yes, we can 100% guarantee that all items are legit and perm, because they all dropped in NORMAL, NIGHTMARE or HELL games.
    It is absolutely impossible that any item you get from us will ever disappear.
    PLEASE NOTE: Don't leave the items too long on the ground. Battle.net will delete some items after a few minutes lying on the ground.
    Don't leave your items lying on the ground for too long!
    This has nothing to do with our items - it's simply the way the game is designed.

  • How long does the delivery take?

    Our delivery is almost INSTANT.
    We send out an email with the mule account data within a few minutes, though it might take some time until the email hits your inbox.
    If you did not receive an email within 20 minutes, the email most likely was blocked by your email provider or hit the spam folder.

    PLEASE NOTE: You can always check the current order status and access the Mule Account data on our Where is my order?" page

  • Do you have XYZ item?

    Please browse our categories.
    Every single item is already in stock and ready to deliver.
    If you cannot find the item you are looking for, we most likely don't have it stocked.

  • Can I get a special bulk discount?

    If you are buying for more than 1 player, please contact us to check for a special discount.